Helgesen News

Monday, October 1st, 2008, Logistics Insight Corp. (LSI) called Helgesen Development Corp. (HDC) to advise that GM was shutting down the Janesville plant and would no longer need HDC's 700,000 square foot assembly & distribution warehouse to supply auto parts for the Janesville GM Assembly Plant after December 2008.

Built originally in 1999-2000 for CTI, later TNT, and finally LSI, this plant employed up to 400 employees. Now the 1,400 foot long by 500 foot wide building is vacant. Able to fit five rail cars inside one end-wall, and eleven football fields, it could be become a symbol of a decaying, stuck in the past, Janesville.

Facing utility bills for heat & electricity, taxes of over $400,000, and building insurance, this building could be sold, scraped for salvage, or redesigned to incubate several manufacturing & warehousing projects. The recession diminishes the prospect of viable buyers, and scraping the building saves paying taxes and utilities, but does little for goodwill, while rehabilitation, although a risk, would bring jobs, taxes, & value to the City of Janesville and Beloit metro area.

Beginning after the move out & cleaning by LSI, Helgesen Development Corporation (HDC) will begin a five-month extensive remodeling project. Starting February 1st, 2009, HDC will paint the interior steel white, and re-lamp with energy efficient T-5 light fixtures.

The next step will be to sub divide the total building area into three major cells. The eastern 200,000 square foot rail area will be 400 feet long by 500 foot wide, and cross- docked. The remaining 500,000 square feet will be further divided in half to dimensions 1,000 feet long by 250 feet wide, with single loaded docking.

Further sub dividing the 250,000 sq. ft. areas, future tenants will have an opportunity to grow their occupied area, as they need it. Spaces can be as small as 50,000 sq. ft. and increase by 12,500 sq. ft. increments. (50' L x 250' W)

Each unit will have a custom office and restroom area viagra 100mg. Power requirements and process alterations can be incorporated into lease rate structures.

2929 Venture is located one mile west of Interstate 39/90 via 4 lane connections. The building is at the North end of the I-39 Corridor which supplies the Midwest Intermodal Facility at Rochelle & Chicago, and is 8 miles from I-43 connecting to Milwaukee and Green Bay. The Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport , providing access to a 7,300 ft long runway, is two miles to the Southwest. Just south of Janesville is the highly industrial areas of Beloit & Rockford. Chicago O'Hare Airport is just 90 miles away.

Launch date for occupancy is set for July 1st, 2009.